Jun 9

Agricultural Aviation Retirement Auction

  •   May 31 @ 9:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Jun 9 @ 6:00pm CDT (End)
Mr. Larry Ebert hung his helmet up several years ago and has know decided it's time to get rid of his Ag-Cats. These Cats are clean northern aircraft. It has been a while since they have been annualed and flown but they have been kept in a hangar in Bassett, NE.

Aircraft & "Big Boy" Toys

  •   May 31 @ 9:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Jun 9 @ 6:00pm CDT (End)
Aircraft, Collector Cars, Motorcycles, Aircraft Spares and Tooling to be sold at ONLINE ONLY auction.

Wilson Flying,

  •   May 3 @ 10:03am CDT (Start)
  •   May 3 @ 12:00pm CDT (End)
(2) Super B+ Fat Cats, Several Airframes, Ag Cat Components, Shop Equipment and Spares to be sold at this auction.

Surplus Aircraft Auction

  •   Apr 23 @ 11:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 23 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
The City of Newport and several other entities have surplus aircraft to their needs and will be selling these aircraft at Public Auction on Saturday April 23, 2022 in Newport, Arkansas. Contact the auction company to review logbooks or to schedule looking at these aircraft. All aircraft will be located at Newport Municipal Airport (M19).

The Gary Shumate Estate / SBF Farms

  •   Oct 29 @ 10:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Oct 29 @ 12:00pm CDT (End)
Last updated Wednesday October 7, 2020. We are working on getting all assets moved to the auction location. We will be washing and detailing the assets over the next couple of days and will be posting more information as we gather it. WE WILL BE UPDATING THIS WEBSITE AS MORE CONCRETE INFORMATION IS GATHERED. AIRCRAFT: 2006 Air Tractor 602-60 - N41588, # 601-1143, 3500 TT, P&W PT6-60AG, Hartzell 5 Blade Prop, 10" Transland Hydraulic Gate, Del Norte Controller, Satloc M3, Breckenridge 15 Vane Spreader, Booms, Pump with Lane Brake, Wingman, Kawak Quadrant, Rinse System, Smoker, Complete Logs (See Spec Sheet under the "DOCUMENTS" tab of this website). 1967 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza - N2729T, # D-8451, 2550 TT, 351.1 SFREM Continental "Gold Medallion" IO-520-BA6B, 351.1 on Reman McCauley 3 Blade Prop, Dual Yokes, Stec 60-2 Autopilot, RCA Radar, Older Collins Radios, Complete Logs. (See Spec Sheet under the "DOCUMENTS" tab of this website). 1946 Piper J3C-65 (100) Cub- N92110 original NC92110, # 16549, 2007-08 Complete rebuild including Ceconite 101 Covering, 0-200-A conversion by Univair STC SA7435SW. Nice airplanewith a great interior. Logbooks are marginal, 1 set of logs starting in 1975 with multiple 337's and STC History dating back to 1950. We believe the engine was O/H'd at rebuild in 07-08 but no logbooks exist to back that statement. Wednesday October 7, 2020 we started the J3. Originally it was stated there was no oil pressure for the J3, we stood it on it's tail and reprimed the engine and this aircraft is now showing oil pressure.(See Spec Sheet under the "DOCUMENTS" tab of this website). AUTOMOBILES: 2012 Fisker EVer Karma - Fisker Electric Car, shows 18,600 miles, Black Interior, Black Exterior, 4 Door Sedan, Solar Panel Roof, 1 of 2,450 ever built. Car was driven in from over 100 miles away, Seller states recent battery replacement. A true once in a lifetime opportunity to own a UNIQUE Vehicle. 2007 Mercedes S550 - 4 Door Sedan, Brown Leather Interior, Black Exterior, shows 112,000 miles. New batteries installed and car was driven to the auction location, ABS & EBS Warning showing on Odometer. Car drove fine. 2005 Hummer H2 SUT - 6.0 V8, Automatic, Red Exterior, Black Interior, shows 81,000 miles. A few scratches and normal wear/tear for a 81k mile H2. Overall a good example of the H2 lineup. 1983 Cadillac Eldorado El Ballero - Custom built Opera Car that includes approximately 16" stretch, dual faux spares in front of the cab post, vinyl roof, opera lights and other custom built accessories, shows 37,288 miles, car has been stored outside, New battery installed and car was driven to the auction location. Vehicle will need a tune-up and driver front brake is hanging. 1969 Cadillac ElDorado - Seller states and is trying to find provenance that this is the car was featured in the movie "Secretariat" in 2010. A new battery was installed on this car, 2 tires were aired up and it was driven to the auction location. Car will need a tune-up. 1976 Triumph TR6 - White Exterior, Black Convertible Top and Brown Interior, shows 69,208 miles, Paint Code 19 / Trim Code 74, has been stored in a building, installed New battery and drove to auction location, Carbs are leaking a little bit and will probably need to be rebuilt, a prime example of a 1976 Triump TR6 1985 American Dump Truck - 6x6, Deuce 1/2, Dump Truck, PTO Water Pump. MORE INFORMATION FORTHCOMING. International S1700 Water Truck - Diesel, 5 Speed, 3200 Gallon of Poly Tanks, Pumps and Hoses. MORE INFORMATION FORTHCOMING. MOTORCYCLES: 2007 Triumph Rocket III Classic Motorcycle, Shows 56xx miles. 2006 Honda VTX1800 Motorcycle, Shows 6712 miles, Starts and Runs, will need tune-up 2006 Yamaha XV1900 Motorcycle, Shows 3437 miles, Starts and Runs, will need tune-up 1978-79 Honda CX500 Motorcycle, Shows 28,xxx miles, Unknown Operating Condition NOTICE: This auction will contain less than 25 items to be sold. We encourage you to complete your Due Dilligence before the auction date and be ready to bid when the auction starts, we do not anticipate this auction lasting longer than 1 hour.

Agricultural Aviation Auction

  •   Apr 16 @ 11:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 17 @ 4:55pm CDT (End)
All assets will be offered as a whole at the beginning of the auction. If the high bid is acceptable to the seller the auction will conclude and Johnson Aero Ag dba Sheridan Air will be sold as a whole. Online bidding is available at for all assets in this auction. Please be sure to allow 48 hours for registration on their site to be allowed to bid in this auction. We will post a link to the proxibid catalog for this auction as we get it setup. AIRCRAFT 1996 Air Tractor 802 - #802-0036 (N6176Y) 6094 TT Airframe / P&W PT6A-67AG - # PCE105047, 7287 TT, 555 SHOT with GREAT times and cycles remaining, Dual Cockpit, Dual A/C, Satloc, Flow Control, Hydraulic System, Dual Single Point Fuel, Fast Start, Kawak, CP Nozzles, Smoker, Spreader, 380 gallons Fuel. Snow Engineering Service Letter #203 performed on the spar - approximately 1900 hrs remaining on spar, performed 1/28/2011 @ 4902.5 hrs TT Airframe. Nice looking, No surprises Dual Cockpit 802 1982 Piper PA36-375 (400) Brave - # 36-8202007 (N2338X) 5687 TT Airframe / Lycoming IO-720-D1C - # L1380-54A, 1320 SMOH, less than 400 hours since MAJOR engine work performed (we encourage you to look at the paerwork on this airplane - Major engine work completed on this airplane less than 400 hours ago, although it is not classified as a overhaul, you may want to pay particular attention) / Hartzell 3 Blade Prop, 1460 SPOH, Hub Model HC-C3YR-1RF, serial # DY2821A, Blade #'s F24582, F24616, H69741 / Lane Electric Brake, Satloc, LiteStar, Smoker, Flagger, KY92 COM, KT76A Transponder, CP's. Wing Spar AD 83-20-03 performed 9/14/2007 at 4367 TT Airframe leaving approx 3500 left on the spars. This is a very nice, clean Brave, maybe on of the nicest on the market right now. 1982 Cessna T188C Ag Husky - # T18803925T (N9996J) 5600 TT Airframe / Continental TSIO-520-T1B - # 239498R, 1750 SFREM, 704 STOH / McCauley 3 Blade Prop, 856 SPOH, Hub Model D3A32C402, serial # 816142, Blade #'s BH190, BH274, BH770 / Satloc, CropHawk, A/C, Airfoil Booms, CP's - A good old working Airplane, not going to win any airshows but a solid aircraft. ALL AIRCRAFT ARE GETTING CURRENT ANNUALS PERFORMED ON THEM NOW. HANGAR - SUBJECT TO LAND LEASE 65' x 65' x 18' B&C Pre Engineered Steel Building, 60' x 16' Schweiss electric operated Bi-Fold Door, Building has 3" VMPR Insulation and 8.5" Simple Saver Insulation System for a total of approximately 11.5" of Insulation in the Roof, Sidewalls and Bi-Fold Door, Hangar is WELL Insulated. Concrete Floor and Approach Ramps, Hi Entensity Lighting, Electrical and has just recently been constructed. This building sits on leased property owned by Modisett Field and the City of Rushville, Nebraska. Hangar will be offered subject to a new lease with the city of Rushville, Nebraska.  

Aug 2

Agricultural Aviation Auction

  •   Aug 2 @ 10:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Aug 2 @ 4:00pm CDT (End)
Mr. Buck Everett, after many years in the Agricultural Aviation industry, has decided to retire. All of the aircraft and support equipment were in full use until Friday June 15, 2018 when he decided to call it quits. For those of you that know Buck, he runs a excellent operation and keeps his aircraft and equipment in excellent condition.  AIRCRAFT: All Aircraft Times listed are as of 06/19/2018 1998 Air Tractor 502B / PT6A-34AG - N5092G - # 502B-0515 - 6008.4 Hours TT, 0.0 SHOT (Mills), 1,992 Hours remaining on Spar Caps, New 4 Blade Prop, Satloc Bantam GPS w/ Flow Control, Wingman, Spreader and Spray System, Garmin 500 GPS, Annual Due January 2019. Engine: PT6A-34AG - # PC-E PH059 - TT = 6008.4 / Hub, Compressor 15,915 cycles remain / Disc. 2nd Stage Comp 17,658 cycles remain / Disc. 3rd Stage Comp 19,612 cycles remain / Impeller 2,152 cycles remain / C.T. Disc 1,907 cycles remain / P.T. Disc 7,686 cycles remain 1993 Air Tractor 402 / PT6A-27 - N923SS - # 402-0902 - 10,706.4 Hours TT, 0.0 SHOT (Mills), 7,685 Hours remaining on Spar Caps, Satloc Bantam GPS w/ Flow Control, Wingman, Spreader and Spray System, Garmin 500 GPS, Annual Due January 2019. Engine: PT6A-27 - # PC-E 41203 - TT = 20,800.4 / Hub, Compressor 1,139 cycles remain / Disc. 2nd Stage Comp 2,123 cycles remain / Disc. 3rd Stage Comp 1,711 cycles remain / Impeller 1,266 cycles remain / C.T. Disc 5,217 cycles remain / P.T. Disc 4,526 cycles remain 1990 Air Tractor 402 / PT6A-27 - N4540F - # 402-0784 - 7,110.7 Hours TT, 0.0 SHOT (Mills), 9,484 Hours remaining on Spar Caps, Satloc Bantam GPS w/ Flow Control, Wingman, Spreader and Spray System, Garmin 500 GPS, Annual Due January 2019. Engine: PT6A-27 - # PC-E 50817 - TT = 12,386.9 / Hub, Compressor 2,886 cycles remain / Disc. 2nd Stage Comp 7,857 cycles remain / Disc. 3rd Stage Comp 8,723 cycles remain / Impeller 2,888 cycles remain / C.T. Disc 5,438 cycles remain / P.T. Disc 8,783 cycles remain  

Nov 3

AG & GA Aircraft Auction

  •   Oct 27 @ 4:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Nov 3 @ 4:54pm CDT (End)
Aircraft and Assets from Local Businesses and Lending Institutions including 2002 Air-Tractor 602, 1982 Ag-Cat Super B+, 1977 Citabria "Super Decathlon", 1977 Citabria 7GCBC, 1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec, Excavator, Roller and Other Items.

Aircraft & Toy Auction Spring 23

  •   Apr 5 @ 12:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 12 @ 6:00pm CDT (End)
Aircraft & Toy Auction Spring 23

City of Jonesboro Arkansas

  •   Oct 28 @ 10:05pm CDT (Start)
  •   Oct 29 @ 4:56pm CDT (End)
Surplus and excess assets to the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas. This has become a anticipated auction every other year in NE Arkansas and this one promises to be no different. From small items to large equipment, it will be at this auction. Plan to attend this live auction in person or bid from the comfort of your home on the larger items via internet simulcast bidding, either way, you will not want to miss this auction. Early Items include: 15+ Crown Vic Police Interceptors / Multiple Refuse Trucks / 15+ Pickup Trucks / Exmart, John Deere Grasshopper and other Lawn Mowers / John Deere and Kawasaki Mule Side-Sides / John Deere 7310 Tractor / Komatsu PC-120 Excavator / Pressure Washers and a building FULL of Surplus and Small items. More details will be posted as we get closer to the auction.

Aircraft & Toy Auction Spring 24

  •   Mar 21 @ 1:06pm CDT (Start)
  •   Mar 28 @ 5:00pm CDT (End)
General Aviation Aircraft, Aircraft Parts and Accessories and "Big Boy" Toys Auction. Assets located in and around NE Arkansas.

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